A downloadable game for Windows

A third person action game where you use your quick reflexes and positioning to help a drone escape its creators.

Use WASD to move and right click to hold up your deflecting plate

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
AuthorHopeless Productions
Tagsdrone, reflect, Third Person

Install instructions

Unzip and run Retaliation.exe

If the game does not start, do the following:

Go to: Engine -> Extras -> Redist -> en-us -> Double click on "UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe"

This will install the DirectX prerequisites to run the game.


Retaliation.zip 120 MB


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Excellent game! It's a little on the difficult side, but I liked the little story, the voice acting and how it fit the theme.

I thought you could add a mirror at some point in which the drone can "see itself". That would have been a neat touch.