A downloadable game for Windows

Race the ghost of the best player around the track to try and become the new ghost!

Pick up S-Candy to boost your speed.

Controls: WASD or Gamepad (L/R triggers throttle, left stick steer).

If the default ghost is too hard, you can delete Karting -> Saved ->SaveGames -> ghost.sav. Then you can record your own ghosts to compete against without having to beat the first one.

Jam Criteria:

1. Kart Racer: You race a Kart in this game.

2. Skittles: You collect skittles to go faster.

3. Anatomically Incorrect: The racer has a big head that flops around.

4. Chiptune: Background music and sound effects are chiptune-style, with the music dynamically layering based on how fast you're going.

Assets not created from scratch:

Material textures -> from Substance Painter

Music and sound effects composed using beepbox.co

Install instructions

Unzip and run Karting.exe

If the game does not start, do the following:

Go to: Engine -> Extras -> Redist -> en-us -> Double click on "UE4PrereqSetup_x64.exe"

This will install the DirectX prerequisites to run the game.


Karting.zip 440 MB


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Wow! what an amazing game I loved playing it it really game that Mario Kart impression, keep it up ! 

Have you considered participating in our Game Developers World Championship ?  The competition is totally free and with winning prizes ! Our mission is to support and reward the Indie game developer community.

If you are interested in joining in please check out our website for more details:


Thanks for the kind words!

I'll definitely look into participating in GDWC, it sounds like an amazing thing you're doing!

Good luck guys!